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Reiki Classes and Sessions with Michael

 Add Reiki to your life! Give yourself more room to breathe, more space to grow! Reiki is a method of natural healing that works to put the mind and body at ease and so participate in its own recovery. Reiki treatments help to relieve stress and pain both at a physical and emotional level, restoring a sense of balance and well-being.

Reiki is a wonderful gift that everyone can learn. Really! Everyone! Michael's students and clients include current and retired company executives, yoga teachers, engineers, massage therapists, doctors, military veterans, authors, professional coaches, CPAs, high school teachers and principals. It is a gentle, life-affirming, practical and non-invasive. Reiki will help you restore a sense of balance to yourself, to loved ones, friends, animals, plants and the environment around you.


Experiencing Reiki

 Reiki is a subtle experience …

... yet I have yet to meet anyone who Reiki, who doesn’t end a session without an added sense of calmness and centeredness. When receiving Reiki you may not realize anything much is happening, at least until you are told it is over. Only then you may find yourself lying there, thinking “no, don’t bring me back, I am happy here”.

Where then, is “here”?

Reiki healing can act on the physical and the emotional plane ... 

It can work deep inside you or just create a wonderful feeling over the surface of your skin. It can be warming, it can be tingling, you might feel a rush of warmth to an old injury or connect the dots between something you feel and something you think. Along with its ability to support the body's ability to center itself and to create a sense of well-being, even just a few minutes of Reiki can clear a headache, drain sinus’, unblock ears or reduce the tenderness of a sore throat. But the experience of Reiki is different for everyone and possibly different in each session you have.

(pronounced "ray")
Reiki_script.png​ ​

"Rei" is the higher all-knowing and wise consciousness, as from God or our Higher Self

(pronounced "key")
"Life force energy"
Also known as Qi, Ch'i, & Prana


​"Ki" is the life energy in all living things. When your Ki is low or blocked you are more prone to illness. When it is high you are less likely to become sick.


​A practical
down-to-earth approach to Reiki


Classes and private sessions